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Party Wall Surveyor Cost for Building Owners 

At Party Wall Resolutions we understand the importance of budgeting for proposed works, including professional fees, and whilst each project must be priced according to the project specifics and the number of adjoining owners/premises affected, an example of our fees is shown below.

We offer a fixed costs for most party wall and building owner instructions as follows. Where the adjoining building is a three bedroom house, with one Adjoining Owner:


Service of each Initial Notice, including searches      £25 

Schedule of Condition                                                     £150 

Award                                                                                  £200


Further work, and Adjoining Owner Surveyor work is charged at £40 per hour excl VAT. 

Please contact us so that we can review the requirements of your project and provide you with a fee quotation. 

Party Wall Surveyor Cost for Adjoining Owners 

In all usual circumstances the fees of the Adjoining Owner's Surveyor are payable by the building owner (the party undertaking the work) however the are various exceptions to this rule provided by the Act, and these exceptions generally depend on the nature of the work proposed. Please contact us to discuss your situation. 

Party Wall Agreement costs
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